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Eggs and Cholesterol – Cracking Good News

Much has been written on the subject of eggs and their impact on health, in particular the effect on cholesterol levels in the blood and consequently heart health. These much maligned oval shaped packages of goodness have for a long time been written off by the medical fraternity, as they were deemed to contain too much fat and therefore be dangerous to anyone who wished to lower their cholesterol and safeguard the possibility of blocking up important heart arteries.

Recent scientific research (relatively recent) has sought to resurrect the humble egg from its billing on the danger list and to demonstrate that it should feature on the breakfast menu of anyone who wishes to lead a healthy lifestyle and is keen to maintain a healthy body weight.

Whilst it is true that eggs do indeed contain cholesterol, most eggs these days have a significantly lower cholesterol content and higher levels of vitamins and as such no longer pose a danger to heart health.  A US government study found that eggs contain 13% less cholesterol and 64% more vitamin D than a decade ago.  This is in part due to the better feed of hens.  Also, the type of cholesterol in eggs does not raise levels in the blood, but is more the result of saturated fats found in fast foods, cakes, biscuits etc and lifestyle factors - lack of exercise, excess weight- that effect the liver ( where cholesterol is produced) which is then released into the bloodstream.

We have long advocated an egg orientated breakfast to our clients as it has been shown to aid with weight loss, as it ensures satiety and often results in less calories being consumed later in the day. It also serves as a great source of  accessible protein (essential amino acids).

We have devised some great egg focused breakfast recipes that we have found clients can prepare quickly and which help them them in their weight loss programmes with significant success.

So, what are you waiting for, get cracking!

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