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The Harley Street Clinic provides health screening to investigate and treat potential chronic illness before it leads to serious ill health later in life.

Harley Street Clinic – Aims
We believe that prevention is better than cure and for this reason the GP led Harley street clinic will empower our clients to make informed choices about their health and give them access to healthcare professionals and resources to make the right health choices, both now and into the future.

Harley Street Clinic – Benefits
Good preventative primary healthcare allows you to be proactive with your health and wellbeing and provides access to effective diagnostics and treatment, instead of being reactive to possible health complications.

Most of all, it provides peace of mind, removing the worry and anxiety of wondering what if.

The healthier you are, the less you will need to spend on expensive health plan premiums, paying for services you donate need or actually use.

Harley Street ClinicHarley Street Clinic Health Screen – Aims

The Health Screen aims to achieve the following:

  • Minimise any surprise illness
  • Minimise risk factors for chronic disease, for example diabetes
  • Achieve primary prevention of serious diseases and illnesses that can occur due to the lack of effective management of a personas health
  • Provide health promotion and education tailored to individual needs.
  • An Action plan to optimise health and wellbeing


Health Screen – What tests are involved?

The FULL Health Screen at the Harley Street clinic involves the following tests

Blood pressure

  • Pulse
  • Height, weight, and body mass index (BMI)
  • Waist to height ratio
  • Optic examination for visual acuity
  • Temperature
  • Blood finger testing screening for diabetes


Urine testing

  • screening for diabetes
  • protein for kidney disease and infections

Full blood count

  • Look for haemoglobin levels
  • Look for markers of infection
  • Look at cells to fight infection and help immunity


  • Balance of fluid and salts in the body to aid cell function

Kidney function

  • Basic kidney function
  • Screening for kidney failure
  • Screening for kidney diseases

Liver function tests

  • Activity of the liver
  • Normal functioning of liver to break down toxic substances
  • Signs of any infection of the liver
  • Lipid profile
  • Cholesterol assessing the risk of heart disease (HDL/LDL)
  • Glucose Screening for diabetes


  • Records the electrical activity of the heart
  • Used to indicate any cardiac rhythm problems and help diagnose cause of symptoms such as palpitations or chest pain
  • Used indicate any ischemic cardiac disease

Harley Street Clinic Street

Harley Street Clinic – The Process

After arrival to the Harley Street Clinic you will fill in a short questionnaire and be introduced to our experienced on-site nurse who will lead
you to the private assessment room to commence the health screen, carrying out all the tests indicated above.

Following these tests, you will spend time with the Doctor, who will take a detailed medical history, current medical problems, risk factors for diseases and illness,
medications review, family history review of risk factors, lifestyle activities, and detailed body systems review. The doctor will then carry out a comprehensive medical examination.

TIME: 1 hour 40 minutes

What happens after my Health Screen?

All the results of the above screening will be analysed individually and then collectively by the clinical lead. You will receive a comprehensive report, which

  • Full medical report on current health
  • Full screening and explanation of blood tests and ECG investigations
  • Cardiac disease risk score
  • Overall health score and disease risk score
  • Recommendations
  • Option for further investigation and follow-ups.

You may choose to spend further time discussing the results of your screen with the clinical lead, who will help you take further action, if necessary,
to improve your overall health now and into the future.

By taking active steps with your health, you can improve your results scores and risk factors, creating better health for years to come.

To find out more or to book a Health Screen at the Harley Street Clinic or telephone +44 (020) 7224 9956.