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Online personal training workouts for weight loss, muscle building and body conditioning

If you’re unable to come to one of our central London gyms, or just prefer working out in the privacy of your own home or at your local gym then we can design a truly bespoke online personal training programme which is easy to follow, created by experienced personal trainers and effective in achieving results.

As one of the UK’s longest established personal training companies with four gyms in central London we have conducted literally thousands of personal training sessions for people of all ages and abilities and regularly design training programmes for individuals wishing to lose weight, gain muscle or who just want to improve their fitness and feel healthier. We specialise in assessing our clients training goals and devising online training programmes that fit into busy schedules, which can be completed in a time-efficient manner and in some instances be completed with just a small amount of gym equipment. 

Using a combination of images and videos with clear, easy-to-follow instructions describing correct exercise technique, the specific number of repetitions and sets to complete you will have an online personal training programme which you can use any time anywhere. 

With our extensive knowledge and years of training experience we have developed THREE online personal training programmes that specifically focus on the following areas.




The online personal training process – How it works

online personal training  

Online Personal Training Programmes



How does online training work?
Each client must first complete a detailed online questionnaire that will enable our dedicated online personal trainers to devise a truly individual programme that will be based upon your current physical ability, fitness level, age and specific goal, whether that is weight loss, muscle building, or full body conditioning.

Who’s it for?
The online personal training service is designed for people who for whatever reason are unable to get to one of our personal training gyms, or who prefer to workout at home or their local gym and are looking for an effective and safe workout programme that they can follow in their own time.

How long is each training programme and how often do I need to complete it to achieve results?
Each of the three online training programmes lasts 6 or 12 weeks. For best results we advise each programme is completed a minimum of 3 times per week. Each training session is designed to be completed in 45-60 minutes.

What equipment do I need?
If you don’t belong to a gym, or have any home gym equipment then you will need to purchase some equipment. We will advise you what you need and can send you the equipment along with the relevant training programme once we know what programme you would like to follow. Whatever your budget for equipment we will advise you on the best and most appropriate equipment to purchase.

Do I have to follow a specific nutrition or diet plan?
As part of the initial online assessment we ask you to complete a nutrition section which we use to devise an eating plan to help you achieve your desired goal. However, if you feel you don’t need any help with your diet then we can give you a standalone training programme.

Will I be able to contact someone to help me with the online programme? 
Yes, we provide full online support for any questions you may have and will answer them within 48 hours.

How long after I have paid do I receive my receive my programme?
Once we have received payment for a 6 or 12 week programme you will receive (within 24 hours) the online assessment form. Once you have completed and emailed the form back to us a programme will be emailed to you within 3-5 working days.

Have another question not listed above?
If you would like more details on our online personal training service please call or  email us and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.


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