Personal Training Testimonials


When I first got in touch with Morpheus I really was in pretty bad shape. I was well on the way to hitting 17st and my waistline was threatening to go over the 38″ mark. I hadn’t exercised for years. At the age of 45 my blood pressure was sky high and cholesterol was also off the scale. I knew I was in trouble and needed help. I’d tried other personal trainers but had been put off by their approach. Morpheus were great right from the start. The advice advice was always positive, encouraging and supportive. What’s more, the training sessions coupled with sensible diet advice soon got results. Within 8 weeks I lost about a stone, and my blood pressure and cholesterol levels had come right down. They really helped me achieve my goals. The training sessions were challenging but varied; and best of all they were actually fun. They have a way of pushing you to work harder than you think you can and brilliant at knowing how to get the most out of each session. Their professional training shines through – they seem to have a particular knack for finding the correct position for a particular exercise or routine and I’ve always felt safe and comfortable even when working really hard. I’m continuing to train with Morpheus and am really pleased with the results. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a safe, fun and effective way of improving their personal wellbeing. 

Richard S, BBC


Morpheus Health and Fitness are dedicated to excellence. Personal one to one training provided by a team of trainers who are experienced, highly-qualified and passionate about achieving the results you want. The gym is never crowded, well looked after and has a wide range of fitness equipment. I’ve been training with them at their Waterloo gym for over six months. No two training sessions have ever been the same and I’m really pleased with the results I’ve made in such a short space of time. I can highly recommend Morpheus Personal Training.  

Andrew Holding, Ministry of Justice


At Morpheus personal training, I was introduced to Nat Pero as my personal trainer. I needed training for a charity endurance event called Tough Guy, and thought it would be prudent to get some help with my fitness. Nat was excellent; he set a realistic programme, which was varied, challenging and most of all enjoyable. Not only did he work on my general fitness, but he advised on my lifestyle and diet as part of the preparation. Nat was extremely motivational and very flexible in relation to the times of training, and I would recommend him to anyone whatever level of fitness.
Dan Tisdall, Managing Director, Holland and Tisdall Ltd


Whilst I have long recognised that a fitness programme is an essential part of a busy lifestyle, it used to be a chore that I rushed through. Michael has made it an enjoyable experience which I actually look forward to and which is also highly effective. He is creative and innovative, combining the use of exercise machines with, for example, free weights, boxing, elastic ropes and medicine balls, all in quick succession. This provides for a continuously varied training programme, which is both mentally stimulating and interactive.

Naomi Heaton, Chief Executive, London Central Portfolio


As my professional life became increasingly busy, my ability to participate in regular team sports was impossible, as I was always travelling or at meetings. So I reverted to regular late night visits to the gym and the dreaded treadmill. But after years of training on treadmills I was simply bored of going to the gym. As being healthy and feeling fit has always been important to me, I was at a loss at what to do. I was then introduced to Mike who spent time with me listening to what I wanted to get out of training. Mike then created a training programme to these objectives. I find the training imaginative, interesting and highly effective. I find the variety of exercise and motivation pushing me beyond my comfort zone without me even knowing it. The results after a few months have been remarkable. I always felt reasonably fit in the past, but I now have an extra spring in my step.
I have also benefited from Mike’s extensive knowledge on nutrition and this has seen a radical change in my eating habits (sadly for Cadbury’s profits!). I really enjoy training these days and it is such an effective use of time. An hour with Mike is always focused, intensive and fun.

David Smith, Chief Investment Director, Multi Manager Group, GAM London Ltd



I have had personal trainers for the past 15 years and have found using a trainer the best way to maximise my time spent in the gym. I can say, hand on heart, that the Morpheus approach is a break from the norm. Mike O’Rourke tailors sessions to your week to week energy levels as well as long term goals, which allows you to have a productive session whether jet lagged, stressed and preoccupied or over energised. This in turn feeds into personal motivation and most importantly for me, the ability to maintain a regular gym routine that flexes with lifestyle. The sessions are enjoyable, thoughtful, diverse and professional.

Gilad Hayeem, Partner, CEO, Marble Bar Asset Management


Morpheus is a great company you get all the benefits of a large organisation multiple locations to train at, flexible personal training sessions that are convenient for my busy schedule, a good range of trainers and services; yet you never feel like ‘just a client’. I get trained by Mike O’Rourke, he keeps me motivated and works me hard by keeping the sessions fun and varied. We box, we run, we lift weights, we even trained for a 60 mile bike race together. I have benefited greatly from Morpheus health checks and nutrition plans. All in all, they keep me healthy and make it fun.

Daniel Conway, Chairman, Seagram Properties


I have been training with Morpheus for nearly 2 years now, having personal training sessions at the gyms in Waterloo and Tower Bridge. My motivation for personal training was a desire to receive bespoke, professional training that would allow me to safely reach my goals in terms of fitness and body shape. (I had sustained some injuries through group classes and felt that I needed one-on-one guidance.) The personal trainer assigned to me – Michael O’Rourke – took time to understand my personal goals at the outset, and throughout my time with Morpheus, has continued to train me, always with a keen focus on my evolving goals. Within just months of training one-on-one, I had achieved a level of strength and fitness not enjoyed since my 20s (some 20 years previously!). More than that, I became leaner, with a noticeable difference in body shape and tone. I continue to train one-to-one, and cannot envision a time when it will not be the major contribution to my efforts to stall the inevitable ageing process. 

Peneli Oliver, Consultant



It has taken Michael to persuade me of the benefits of Personal Training. I have worked with him for over two years and it has made a huge difference to me not only in terms of looking better but also feeling energised. Probably best of all, I actually enjoy it!

Jamie Bill, Publishing Director, GQ Magazine


 Michael has been training me for 6 months both in the park and gym. He is professional, inspiring and extremely knowledgeable in his field. He has enabled me to achieve previously unobtainable health and fitness goals.

Amanda Gardner, Managing Director, Property Company