Personal Training London

Personal training locations and programmes

Our experienced personal training team operate from our private central London gyms, personal training studios and the great London parks, but they can also bring their unique training skills, equipment and motivational techniques to the comfort and privacy of your own home or workplace. Using the latest training methodolgies our personal training team employ a wide variety of equipment to enable clients to reach their goals, from free-weights and resistance machines to boxing drills. 

Personal training process

We gain as much information from the initial consultation as possible, to enable our personal trainers in london to deliver bespoke personal training programmes that cater exactly to our clients requirements and needs. We conduct a full health screen and wellness assessment, measuring parameters such as muscle imbalances, cholesterol levels, blood glucose, posture, alignment, and blood pressure. We can also provide a gait analysis overseen by our team of chartered London physiotherapists.



 Weight Loss 


Specifically for those wishing to lose weight and burn body fat, this programme provides intellligent exercise prescription in conjunction with nutritional strategies that will empower you to make dramatic changes to your life that are sustainable and manageable. Each personal training programme for weight loss is carefully progressed and delivers clients valuable educational advice and support to ensure a healthy weight is attained and sustained. Ideal for clients looking for rapid transformations our intensive fat-loss programme is designed for fast and enduring results. 



Performance Coaching

Sports Science degree personal training specialists and coaches provide up-to-date training protocols to prepare you for a specific sport, Triathlon or Marathon.  Whether you’re preparing for your first ever marathon or need extra coaching to improve your times, we have triathlon coaches who advise national competitors and compete themselves. With the emphasis on correct technique and planning for each stage there is no stone unturned to ensure a successful outcome.




Strength and Conditioning

We have a huge array of strength training equipment at all our gyms which is used by the personal training team for clients who wish to improve their strength and increase lean muscle mass. Cutting-edge strength and muscle building training techniques using free-weights, barbells, kettlebells and resistance machines combined with expert nutritional support ensure optimum results are achieved. Given the scientific evidence and multiple benefits a strength training provides it is essential any fitness training programme incorporates strength work.




Pre and Post Natal Exercise

Our personal training team are experienced in dealing with clients who have special training requirements. Our pre and post natal exercise programme has been designed to ease you through your pregnancy and beyond. Thorough assessments by specialist personal trainers prior to restarting exercise ensures the programmes are safe, progressive and effective. We ensure are trainers keep up to date with all the latest protocols and regularly send them on pre and post natal training courses.




Injury Rehabilitation, Back Pain

Working in close conjunction with a team of physiotherapists our personal trainers will monitor your progress back to optimum function using the latest treatment protocols. Corrective exercise techniques are also used to improve static and dynamic posture and to identify and fix muscle imbalances that can cause pain and impair performance and function. By identifying the cause of back pain then specific training protocols can be given to alleviate symptoms and prevent recurrence. Overseen by the physiotherapy team at Back in Action and using Pilates-based approaches successful outcomes are achieved.



Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching

We will provide you with a realistic and sustainable nutrition programme that will assist you in attaining better health and complement your fitness goals. Based on science and not on fad, it provides a better understanding of nutrition and its role in health and wellbeing, based on the premise that we each have unique nutritional requirements. For a detailed analysis of your current eating habits we have a registered dietitian who will devise bespoke eating plans based on your goals and genetic make up.