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Power Rack at Waterloo Gym

Life Fitness Power Rack

Power Rack

Power Rack at Waterloo Gym, London, SE1

In line with our on-going investment in our gym facilities in order to provide the best personal training centres and training equipment for our clients and gym members in central London, we have recently installed a new power rack at our Waterloo gym. This wonderfully versatile and safe training tool is an essential piece of gym equipment if you want to train safely with Olympic barbells, particularly when lifting heavy loads.

What are the benefits of using a Power rack/Squat rack?

The main reason for using a power rack apart from developing a healthy, functionally strong physique is safety. Traditional Olympic benches whilst great to bench from are not the safest form of equipment if you are training on your own, as there are no spotters or catchers on these types of bench which are typically found in large commercial gyms. The power rack on the other hand has safety bars or catchers so that if you miss a lift (fail mid way through the movement) the bar will be caught by the catchers enabling you to safely crawl out under the bar safely unharmed, the only damage being a bruised ego!

The personal training team will be demonstrating correct set up and use of the power rack over the coming weeks for gym members and personal training clients as well as leaving out a guide to ensure all users know how to correctly set up the rack for safe benching and squatting. 

As the popularity of weightlifting continues to grow power racks will become more mainstream and commercial gyms as well as personal training gyms will need to ensure they allocate resources and space for this increasingly-popular piece of equipment which is a key tool for developing all-round strength. 






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3 Responses to Power Rack at Waterloo Gym

  1. Morpheus says:

    Thank you for the note Lee. Yes, safety should be paramount when using heavy loads and a power rack is perfect to ensure injury risk is minimised.

  2. Lee says:

    Lets be honest in this time of health and safety. Safety of the client is paramount so equipment like thie is essential.

    Great equipment lee

  3. Andrew says:

    Great news, a power rack in the Waterloo gym.

    I look forward to make good use of this kit when I’m next in the gym. This will help me increase my squats and benching.

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