Private Gyms London

 Private Gyms in Marylebone, Waterloo, and Cannon Street

Our private gyms in central London are the ideal place to train and achieve your health and fitness goals as they have been designed to ensure each and every client or member receives individual attention and where there are never any waiting times for equipment.

This has been achieved by having a plentiful supply of modern gym equipment in well-planned, modern surroundings combined with strict limits on membership numbers. The result is unique, modern and private gymnasiums that offer welcoming surroundings and comfortable user-friendly equipment for all fitness levels.

The private gyms in London are based around the concept of integration and convenience.  Hence, the locations have a number of services under one roof and are in close proximity to transport hubs and commercial centres. Each gym has a comprehensive team of health and fitness professionals on site ready to assist to your health and fitness requirements.

Private Gym Cannon Street -NEW GYM!

The private gym near Cannon Street is a bright, well-equipped training space ideally located next to Cannon Street station and a few mins walk from Bank tube station. Our personal trainers are ready to assist you on your journey to optimum health and wellbeing. For clients looking for a private personal training experience away from work colleagues then this site offers a discreet, one-to-one experience.









Private gym London Marylebone, Baker Street, Marble Arch

For further information or to arrange a tour of any of our private gyms in central London Phone +44 0844 571 7487 or email