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Choosing the right equipment for your gym project can be a daunting task given the variety and abundance of gym equipment on the market for both home and commercial use. By understanding and researching what each type of equipment offers and your specific exercise goals, this will help deciding on the type and amount of equipment required. To assist in choosing the best gym equipment for your project please use our equipment guide below.


Cardiovascular Equipment

Cardiovascular equipment typically consists of treadmills, bicycles, spin bikes, rowers and cross trainers. Designed to improve aerobic fitness and improve cardiovascular health they are a key component of any gym facility. Easy to operate and familiar to most gym users, they should feature in all types of gym. Most suppliers offer machines with small footprints and in some instances folding treadmills for when space is at a premium. 




Strength - Resistance Equipment - Free Weights

Strength or resistance equipment make up a large proportion of most commercial gyms. It includes selectorized weight machines where the user ‘selects’ a weight and free weights such as dumbbells and barbells. Resistance machines are safe and easy to use, but due to the relatively large space they occupy are not suitable for all gym projects, particularly small home gym projects. Free weights, whilst requiring more training and skill to use, occupy less space and are highly-effective at developing a strong, healthy toned physique and should be included in all gym projects.



Functional Training Equipment

Functional training equipment includes such items as cable pulley machines, kettlebells, swiss balls, BOSU balls, and medicine balls. Fun to use and great for developing core strength and functional strength they can be included in any type of gym facility and their unique design and capability ensures they can be used as an effective alternative to resistance machines when space is limited.




Home Gym Equipment 

Building a functional, well designed home gym requires careful planning. Therefore it is essential that when choosing and buying gym equipment for home use it is important to select fitness equipmet that is durable, easy-to-operate, has a proven track record and is easy to maintain. Whilst there is an abundance of home gym fitness equipment on the market there is a huge difference in terms of quality and durability.

The UK home gym equipment market offers machines of every size and shape but not all of them are created equal. We have established close partnerships with some of the best home gym equipment suppliers in the industry who have spent years designing and building gym equipment that not only looks stylish but is easy to use and built to withstand the rigours of continual use.

What Gym Equipment Do I Need?

When buying home gym equiment it helps to choose pieces that are easy to use and if space is at a premium, has a small footprint. Choosing a balance of equipment ensures every aspect of health and fitness is covered, guaranteeing an overall conditioning programme that will develop muscular strength, improve cardiovascular health and functional flexibility. Therefore, the best home gyms have a good mix of cardiovascular machines, a multi-use resistance machine such as a dual adjustable cable pulley and a selection of free weights.

Commercial/Residential Gym Equipment

Commercial gym equipment is designed for settings where the equipment will be constantly in use such as a residential gym or health club, although even in home gyms they provide peace of mind as they are built more robustly than home gym machines. The warranties are usually longer on commercial equipment, and due to their build quality are in some ways more comfortable to train on.

Purchase and Leasing Gym Equipment

As well as outright purchase Morpheus offers competitive finance options to procure equipment for commercial and residential settings.  Typically, these are over either 3, 4 or 5 year terms.

Maintenance and Service

We will also ensure that proper accountable service agreements are in place, guaranteeing peace of mind and ensuring the lifespan of your chosen fitness equipment.

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