Home Gym Design

Home Gym Design

If you're considering creating a home gym then we have the expertise to advise on design, layout, building requirements, and equipment selection. We can provide you with home gym design ideas and give you the best advice on equipment suppliers that will work with your vision and deliver a motivating and enjoyable environment in which to train. Managing every stage of the project we will ensure all equipment is assembled at our delivery depot and all packaging removed so we deliver when you're ready, so you can concentrate on using your equipment as soon as it arrives.



Home Gym Set Up  

Setting up a home gym can be a daunting experience, due to the huge array of equipment on the market to choose from. We listen carefully to your objectives and the type of exercise training you propose to undertake. We will then build a home gym based on your requirements with a layout and design that is easy to use and which offers the right balance of equipment to help you achive your exercise goals safely and effectively.  

Building a Home Gym and Interior Design 

We work with a number of leading interior designers and builders enabling us to create a home gym that complements the overall design of your home. We will survey your chosen gym room and provide costs for materials and building work should there be a need for any structural changes. Alternatively, we will work alongside your chosen designer or builder to assist in developing the perfect home gym.



                Home Gym Equipment

Choosing the right gym equipment is imperative to ensuring a home gym is utilised, and if there are a number of different users then it is essential that the equipment satisfies all the requirements for all users. We have the expertise, industry knowledge and strategic partnerships with the best home gym equipment suppliers in the UK so can offer a wide selection of gym equipment at competitive prices. Indeed, as we design and operate our own gyms with some of the best educated trainers in the UK, we can also provide detailed training programmes so that you maximise your time using your chosen home gym fitness equipment.





What Gym Equipment Do I Need?

When buying home gym equiment it helps to choose pieces that are easy to use and if space is at a premium, has a small footprint. Choosing a balance of equipment ensures every aspect of health and fitness is covered, guaranteeing an overall conditioning training programme that will develop muscular strength, improve cardiovascular health and functional flexibility. Therefore, the best home gyms have a good mix of cardiovascualr machines, a multi-use resistance machine such as a cable dual adjustable cable pulley and a selection of free weights together with matting for stretching and core work.

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