Residential Gym Design

Residential Gym Design

Increasingly more and more building developers are looking to standout from their competitors by building residential apartment blocks with well-equipped gym facilities to satisfy the needs of health conscious residents. Indeed, residential gyms that have been carefully designed with the health conscious resident in mind can be the deciding factor for prospective buyers.



Gym Design Consultancy

As residential gym design consultants we can work alongside building developers and architects advising on gym design and layout solution for each development. By understanding the needs of the developer, the local area and the building's residents we can offer bespoke design that can be cost effectively implemented and easily managed by the building's management company.

Benefits of Residential Gym Design and Facility Management 

By implementing a modern well-managed residential gym in an apartment building there are a number of benefits for both developers and managing agents.

These include:

  * Value add to the development

  * Powerful sales and marketing tool

  * Contented residents

  * One point of contact for all maintenance issues

  * Revenue generator

Additional Services

We can provide a range of additional services as part of a gym management agreement.

These include

  • Personal training

  • On-site physiotherapy clinic

  • Sports massage

  • Nutrition consultation with dietician

  • Seminar talks on fitness/health and well being

  • Specialist classes e.g. Pilates/Yoga

  • Gym programme design

  • Cholesterol testing


Case Study - Macready House, Marylebone, London, W1

Macready House is an old residential block based in the heart of Marylebone. Morpheus were asked to advise on how best to manage the new gym at the block and to come up with ways to boost revenue to help pay for the service of the new equipment and to encourage residents to use the facility.

Morpheus proposed to pay rent to Macready House for use of the facility which would give the block a steady revenue stream to help pay for the new equipment and its continued maintenance and to offer an induction service to show residents how to use the new equipment effectively.

We offered inductions and coaching to all residents in the best use of the equipment and subsequently gym usage steadily increased. It also facilitated greater social interaction between residents which helped create a friendly community atmosphere in the block.

We also marketed the local  area and in the block itself, offering personal training sessions, thereby generating extra revenue for Macready House.

For further information, quotes on residential gym equipment including purchase and leasing options, or to discuss design and layout options;

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